fyregod zor spitting fire


















mayan fire circles spinning fire poi fyregod zor fire staff firegod zor spinning two circles of fire
stilt walking on street in hollywood on halloween night spinning poi fireball Stilt Fest, California
LED poi indoors spinning LED tracers
spinning fire lotus fire staff at a los angeles beach spinning poi fireball
abundant Dragon
higher moment
fire breathing for a fujifilm print ad seen in major magazines
zor spitting fire closeup spitting fire breathing huge explosion of fire over a waterfall
eating fire
dustgod fyregod karl wood aka zor at burning man Fyre God Zor
karl wood headshot karl wood headshot
karl wood headshot karl wood headshot
spinning firefire staff

Firedancing is an ancient warrior art. The mythical Fyregod "ZOR" is leader of a revered lineage of eternal warrior gods who fight for the sovereignty of the galaxy Zorion. Those of fire mastery perform the sacred dance on the eve of battle. Spinning glorious circles of light, these lords of the flame dance and burn away the demons that would haunt and daunt their path to freedom. Specifically, those of fear, jealousy, doubt, guilt and resignation.

So, in the sacred space of this martial dance, I invoke the Fyregod ZOR to train, purify and free the body, mind and spirit. May you be awed, inspired and entertained


panoramic backdrop spinning fire los angeles at night
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Firedancer, fire eater, firebreather, stiltwalker.
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